Our devoted health professionals offer a diverse range of services, including primary care and specialised disciplines. These services cater to our patients, their families, communities, and even visitors.

Virtual Consults

We understand that getting to the practice can be difficult some times and offer various ways to consult with your doctor. While it is preferable to see your doctor in person you can also have a phone consult or video consult.

WIH uses Manage My Health for online bookings as well as allowing access to your medical records and requesting medications.

Minor Surgery Icon

Minor Surgery

This is minimally invasive usually utilising local anaesthesia to remove skin tags, lesions and other small areas such as toe nail resection. The resulting sample will then be sent away for analysis and you will be contacted with the results.

WIH doctors have a wide range of experience in minor surgery and procedures. While you can be referred to the hospital for such procedures undertaking them at your medical practice can reduce waiting times.

General Services

As a holistic family health centre WIH provides medical services when you are feeling unwell, needing quick care or preventative health. Holistic in a medical centre setting involves not just the individual patient and their presenting problem at that time, rather caring for the person has a whole – discussing input into their mental health and wellbeing, understanding how the patient lives and the impact their habits and circumstances have on their wellness.

Lab Testing

This is a broad title covering bodily samples which are then tested to help determine outcomes and provide better diagnostic conclusions.
Blood tests will help your clinician build a better picture about your overall health and how your internal organs are functioning. This is not always to get a picture of when you are sick, rather when a holistic picture of patient is being created having blood tests when you are ‘normal’ helps with better diagnostic picture when you do become unwell.

Urine testing can be completed in the practice allowing for quick diagnosis of any abnormalities or infections in the urine. A urine sample can also be sent to the laboratory for further analysis.

Lab testing also includes samples from minor surgery, skin samples or any other bodily substance which can be tested and help provide an end result or clearer pathway.

ECG – Electrocardiogram

WIH has an ECG (Electrocardiogram) onsite to help diagnose cardiac related problems. A report is obtained through the ECG by attaching electrodes to the skin of the patient and recording the resulting electrical signals over several cycles. This report helps the clinician check for different heart conditions by interpreting the produced waves.

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Cervical Screening

All people who have a cervix and have been sexually active should have regular cervical smear tests every three years between the ages of 25 and 69.

This includes people who have been immunised against HPV. This test detects abnormal cells which, if left untreated, could become cervical cancer. Very often these cells are made abnormal by a human papillomavirus (HPV) which is a sexually transmitted virus. Regular tests and treatment reduces the likelihood of this sort of cancer by around 90%.

For more information about cervical smear tests click on the link to the National Screening Unit website:

Minor Accident Care

WIH is well equipped to help with injuries and accident care which are minor in nature and better suited within the practice rather than in an Emergency Room setting. Several of the GPs are specially trained to help with urgent and emergency care and the clinic is well stocked to support this. From braces and splints through to larger wound care and closures.

Immunisation icon


All children in New Zealand can receive free immunisations until their 18th birthday. Immunisations are one of the best ways we can protect our children against serious diseases.

Children receive immunisations from the age of six weeks according to a national immunisation schedule. We also offer immunisations to pregnant mothers, and older adults.

If you have any questions about immunisations or what you and/or your family are eligible for, please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our Registered Nurses who can provide you with more information.